Legalize Gay Unions and Polygamy

How ironic it is that the great, great granddaughter of our state’s founder Brigham Young ,is gay but descended from polygamists. The very same polygamists who were driven from their homes and who had their founding father, Joseph Smith of the Church of Latter Day Saints, murdered. Up until the church’s revelation, as a precondition of statehood, polygamy was publicly practiced in the Utah territory. Now, with the exception of the FLDS church, polygamy has gone underground in Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado.

Ironic in the sense that Claudia Wright’s sexual orientation and polygamy are both considered by many to be immoral behaviors. I personally do not have a problem with either conduct; as long as it is between consenting adults. In many senses I am both “gay” and a “polygamist,” but at the same time I am impotent so sexual acts associated with both are irrelevant. My dear wife refers affectionately to my many female friends as “my wives.” On the other side of the equation I love many of my open and closeted gay friends.

Like our LDS bishops, I am the man that so many of our friends turn to when they need comforting, work around the house  or when they feel the need to vent. I firmly believe, as a non LDS citizen, that both polygamy and “gay” civil unions should be legal in Utah. I do not speak for the predominant church, but I find the overtures by their leaders to be a step towards acceptance of gay rights and eventually civil unions. I wish the followers would listen to their prophets.

On the other side of the isle I doubt very seriously that the LGBT community would not recognize and support polygamy. Given the onslaught of christian fundamentalism, I believe both sides have a common foe, as well as common arguments for acceptance.


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