Philpot is a Push Over

Utah Republican insider and state party conservative party hack, Morgan Philpot, should be easy to beat in the 2nd Congressional general election by either Claudia Wright, the front runner, or Jim Matheson the incumbent. After the hysteria generated by the Tea Party Frankenstein has subsided, folks in Utah will wake up and realize we must move forward as a state and as a nation. The “Little House on the Prairie,” return to our roots dream is attractive but certainly not realistic.

So far, about the only thing Morgan has done that has impressed me is that he became an Eagle Scout. Admittedly I am jealous because I only made it to Life Scout before by family moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana and the troop there was run by rabid christian fundamentalists. But before that, I was a member of Troop 1-out of Ardmore, PA, and the first Boy Scout Troop in America. Our jamborees used to be at Valley Forge.

Maybe if Morgan were to become elected we could go back to wearing those spiffy hats and costumes that everyone was wearing at Valley Forge; since he wants to return us to the late 1700’s. For myself, if we are going backwards we might as well go all the way. For me, having seen the  movie “Jeremiah Johnson” with Robert Redford (and shot at Sundance Resort), a part of me wants to leave civilization behind and move to the Rocky Mountains. Wait a minute, I just realized I am in the Rocky Mountains. But on the blue tarp side of the continental divide. I do not know about you but I would not want to live along the Front Range.

Besides the population density, the Front Range is the headquarters of the Focus on Family group. You know the one with their co-founder in the news cavorting with male prostitutes. Good thing that sort of thing does not happen here in Utah (Idaho does not count).

But I seem to have digressed from Morgan and I do apologize. I guess I have not done my homework because I am on his website now and see he was a sponsor of the Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship which created an educational voucher program. I guess our underfunded public school system was not doing its job.

Oh, and I see he is for guns. I am too but I am for reasonable laws that prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands and for those who own guns to be better stewards. Was Morgan a part of a bill this last legislative session that wanted to do away with the Federal background checks on weapons bought and sold in Utah? Furthermore, thanks to Morgan and his friends my Utah Concealed Weapon’s permit is no longer valid in many other states because our permitting process is too dangerous and lax.

I see also that he is still using that same “grass roots,” message he had back in 2000. I guess the meaning of “grass roots,” is pretty subjective these days. Did everyone see his cake with the words “Grass Roots,” on it at a recent fund raiser? I guess I am going to have to look that phrase up again because I am a little confused.

Another thing I am confused about is statement on  Morgan’s website: “his real life struggles and experiences uniquely qualify him to serve the families of Utah as the next congressman from the second district.” Wow, and at 38 years old too! Truly impressive since most of the 30-40 year olds I know are clueless when it comes to local, federal and international issues. Compared to Claudia and Jim this guy is just a kid that made eagle scout.


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One Response to Philpot is a Push Over

  1. M Ray Kingston says:


    Just a comment, in passing. I have some experience in the subject of ‘Faith’, having been born and raised in a wonderful Mormon/farm family, and, of course, educated in its youth programs – “Primary”, and later, in its more progressively adult, organized “Priesthood Quorums”. I made it through the Priest level before bowing out, following the attempt by our elderly Priest Leader/instructor to sell all the young teenage lads in our class an insurance policy through Northwestern Mutual Insurance Company. My father did not feel totally comfortable when I told him I needed $25.00 to launch the recommended “Insurance for Life” career, and his face turned redder yet, when I explained that Elder Blodgett was to be my ‘agent’. My Father represented Bear River Insurance Company.

    Later in life, watching from the sidelines of organized religions, reading the NY Times, local Tribune Public Forums, statements by our esteemed political leaders, politician wannabees, occasional, serial emails from others, including my middle age nieces, I became struck by a simple disconnect in their “Faith Logic”. Their latest mission is to blast our duly and democratically elected President Barack Obama for “destroying Capitalism, turning the US of A into a 21st Century Commune, lying about his place of birth, being a MUSLIM, and in general being from the “Evil Empire”. The latest email circulated made the frightening statement that “muslims don’t pay taxes”, and therefore, “WE ” are “footing the bill for them”, all as ‘proof’ that President Obama must go. This message was forwarded by a person with the title of: Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce. I have omitted the jurisdiction of the Executive Director.

    The disconnect? Read the following two “Articles of Faith”, taught to us young, budding, “Fledglings in the Faith”, in Primary and Priesthood meetings, related to our responsibilities as Faithful Servants of THE CHURCH. Mind you, that THE CHURCH could be ANY Church, this just happens to be THE CHURCH.

    ARTICLE # 11
    We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.

    ARTICLE # 12
    We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.

    Does this strike anyone else as being somewhat hypocritical, if not somewhat deserving of excommunication?

    A DISCONNECT? Just a comment, in passing.

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