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They’re selling newspapers to the execution

Early this morning the great state of denial, Utah, executed a man for the wrong reasons and in the process profited from the macabre spectacle of a quassi public execution. Continue reading

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Nigel Black

Half mile from the railroad track lived a young fella named Nigel Black He and his wife Della lived in a trailer shack See some rooms from where I sat Wood burning stove, 2 kids, one cat Fighting and forgiving … Continue reading

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Utah Constitutional Experts Dead Wrong

Perhaps I was too harsh with  the Republican US Senate primary candidates for Utah, Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater yesterday. You see, since Mike Lee states he is  a “constitutional expert with deep Utah roots,” I took him at his word … Continue reading

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Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb on Guns

I don’t know about you but if our federal government ever came after Tim Bridgewater, one of two Republican candidates running for the US Senate in Utah’s June 22nd primary, I would be on the government’s side. Tim is so … Continue reading

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Vinnie’s comment on Tweedle Dee

Social Security has been a great success story since inception. The Feds run this program like a Swiss watch. To fix the long term finances all we need is to uncap payroll taxes. Then its good to go for 100 … Continue reading

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My neighbor’s comment on Tweedle Dee

These two guys ages added together are higher than either of their IQ’s. “Republicans, your choice this year to be YOUR SENATOR for the next six years is either Ronald McDonald or Bozo the Clown.” I know, I know, they … Continue reading

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Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb and Social Security

“I am really concerned about what Lee and Bridgewater are reading and watching these days,” Marvelous told me this morning. “Why would you be concerned  about what these guys are reading?” I exclaimed. “Because I think they are getting really … Continue reading

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