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President Elect Donald Trump’s Mental Health

Unlike many of my fellow Americans I’m not as concerned about President Elect Trump’s many conflicts of interest or his taxes as his mental state. Before assuming office, as a Federal Employee, he absolutely needs a psych evaluation and mandatory … Continue reading

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Greatest Jobs Producer God Ever Created

Today President Elect Donald Trump said. “We’re going to create jobs. I said that I will be the greatest jobs producer that God ever created.” I sure as hell hope not because to my mind the greatest jobs creator God … Continue reading

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Why Study Them?

In any rational debate it is important to have a command of the facts. The current gun control debate unfortunately is not informed by facts but rather conjecture and anecdotal evidence that would never fly in a court of law. … Continue reading

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They’re selling newspapers to the execution

Early this morning the great state of denial, Utah, executed a man for the wrong reasons and in the process profited from the macabre spectacle of a quassi public execution. Continue reading

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Vinnie’s comment on Tweedle Dee

Social Security has been a great success story since inception. The Feds run this program like a Swiss watch. To fix the long term finances all we need is to uncap payroll taxes. Then its good to go for 100 … Continue reading

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My neighbor’s comment on Tweedle Dee

These two guys ages added together are higher than either of their IQ’s. “Republicans, your choice this year to be YOUR SENATOR for the next six years is either Ronald McDonald or Bozo the Clown.” I know, I know, they … Continue reading

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Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb and Social Security

“I am really concerned about what Lee and Bridgewater are reading and watching these days,” Marvelous told me this morning. “Why would you be concerned  about what these guys are reading?” I exclaimed. “Because I think they are getting really … Continue reading

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