They’re selling newspapers to the execution

Congratulations once again to the Salt Lake Tribune’s news and editorial staff for their blood lust passion in making a defective and dangerous member of the human race infamous. By sensationalizing the  legalized euthanasia of Ronnie Lee Gardner, you have once again shown that your true colors of greed and vengeance, are at the core of your philosophy.

One of our generations greatest poets, Bob Dylan summed up your paper’s support for revenge and profit in his opening line to his song “Desolation Row,” “They’re selling post cards of the hanging, they’re painting the passports brown.” I truly believe that you too would sell the same post cards to the ignorant masses given the opportunity.

I do believe the state had a valid reason to execute Mr. Gardner but only because he could not be incarcerated without flight risk or risk to those that protect us from people like him. In general I am opposed to the death penalty as it is applied in this country as it has proven to be cost ineffective, biased and occasionally resulted in the state sanctioned murder of an innocent person. Mr. Gardner’s blood is on my hands but I will not profit from it.


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