Why Sarah Lord?

So the majority of our fellow citizens would select Sarah Palin over President Barack Obama in the next presidential election. Have I been asleep during the last few years? What have I missed? Did Sarah take some smart pills, has she gone to night school or had a brain implant? I mean seriously how could folks vote for a nincompoop who is the laughing stock of most of America and the entire rest of the world?

Please, please enlighten me because I just want to know how you arrived at your conclusion that we are headed to a disaster just this side of a second coming (or would that be a third?). Should I build a fallout shelter. If so, I had better get started because I would have to pull the permits and probably move my sewer line. It better be big enough to hold a lot of food, water, guns and ammunition as well as places to sit and watch FOX news tell us when to drop and roll. I’ll probably need duck tape too in order to isolate my family from the plague some tell us is coming. I want to believe. I really do. Please overlord send me a message.

Me: Why do these people think the way they do?

Overlord: “They are thinking with their wallets. They haven’t saved anything. They invested in speculative real estate or the over inflated stock markets. They took second mortgages on their homes to buy other homes, pick-up trucks and jet skis. Why buy safe “patriotic” government bonds when you could make a fortune with stocks. You don’t believe me? read Economics 101 by Friedman. Consequently, their investments tanked and they feel their standard of living is going to decline, conveniently forgetting that they were relying on the very same government they were assailing, to provide for them when they retire.”

Me: That’s it?

Overlord: “Unfortunately not. There is this sense of entitlement that is really irking me. I thought my son made things perfectly clear when he came down to visit you last time. The kids are not taught the value of hard work for its own sake. They all want to be obscenely compensated for whatever they do-or worse don’t do. Try finding a middle class kid to cut your grass, do odd chores or work in the food service industry. Remember what you did when you were growing up?”

Me: Well it’s been a long time ago but yeah I think I remember. I had a paper route, worked in food service, landscaping, mowed lawns and helped out a lot around the house and neighborhood. I had what some would call chores and I took being a Boy Scout seriously. I was also a lifeguard.

Overlord: “Any kids in your neighborhood offering to help out with any of those things?”

Me: Not to my knowledge. In fact, if I need real help I hire a hispanic person and pay them more than they want.

Overlord: “Nothing wrong with that. You are all my children. Besides who would look after their kids-well that is unless they had too many kids and the kids would have to look out for one another.”

Me: Now what was that last point? The point about too many kids. I thought you told us to go forth and populate the earth.

Overlord: “I was speaking metaphorically, I do that a lot. You have done a great job of reproducing down there. Problem is in the process you’ve ruined my creation. You’ve eaten almost all the fish, cut down the forests and trees, and you are ruining my beaches with oil now.”

Me: Wow. That’s a lot to think about. do you mind if I take a break and tune to Rush?


About marquisdevauban

Disabled Vietnam Era Veteran, Molecular Biologist, Political Activist, Musician, Writer, Philosopher, Outdoorsman, Husband, Father, Son of a
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2 Responses to Why Sarah Lord?

  1. Poker Face says:

    Love it! My favorite line: “I was speaking metaphorically, I do that a lot.”

  2. I have to say, every time I come to marquisdevauban.wordpress.com there is another interesting post to read. A friend of mine was telling me about this topic several weeks ago, so I think I will send my friend the link here and see what they say.

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