Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb on Guns

I don’t know about you but if our federal government ever came after Tim Bridgewater, one of two Republican candidates running for the US Senate in Utah’s June 22nd primary, I would be on the government’s side. Tim is so worried that Obama and the UN are going to take his guns away that he and his adherents are prepared to fight to the death. Of course Mr. Bridgewater was talking tough for the illiterate masses in Utah who mistakenly believe the “Small Arms Treaty” currently being debated will infringe on their “right to bear arms.”

On Monday June 7, 2010, KUED broadcast a pre-recorded debate, in conjunction with the Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah (, between Tea Bagger Tim Bridgewater and his opponent Tea Bagger Mike Lee. Both secessionists talked confidently and boldly about how they were going to transport all Utahan’s back to 1787 when our  US Constitution was first adopted.

Since both candidates like hyperbole I thought I would use the same tact. Just suppose the government really did want to take Timmy’s toys away how do you think they would pull it off, given our military’s dominance over any adversary on earth. Tim wouldn’t stand a chance with the “small arms” he’s got. I doubt his collection even includes a flame thrower let alone a grenade launcher.

We could take him out from virtually anywhere in the world with a remote drone. A cruise missile would be overkill and a bomber a waste of fuel. Probably just send one sniper, although we could also see a Utah version of  David Koresh’s Branch Dividian, Mount Carmel Center and his apocalypse outside of Waco,Texas in 1993. However, this time it would  go down in Happy Valley, Utah with Tim and his followers.

I’m afraid if our military is still fighting two wars they would send the FBI instead. I’m sure they would  want in on that action. If what I’ve seen on TV is true they are well equipped too. Oh, let’s not forget our own local government such as the Sheriff’s and Police’s SWAT teams. They are eager beavers and usually all they get out for are domestic disturbances-they would love the change.

If I interfered on Tim’s side they would arrest me. The prudent 56 year old in me says to stay out of their way and avoid Pleasant Grove, Utah for awhile if the need arose. I had  better go east on US 40 before going south in the state if I was traveling from Salt Lake City.

At the same time it would be the biggest  story in decades and would lead in the Salt Lake Tribune, Ogden Standard Examiner and the Desert News. I’m sure it would make it to television, radio, cyberspace and the New York Times. Just think, Tim’s very own “YouTube” video of his last day on earth.

I seriously doubt that Tim wants to “take on” the federal government but in order for him and his family to move to hot and humid Washington D.C. he must sound and act tough. Ironic for the fact that it would entail dismantling the very same government that would pay his salary and benefits. You know the one with the cushy health care, paid staffs, gymnasium, young interns, lobbyist’s money, air fare and no term limits.

However, in order to get to the promised land Tim and Mike are running a paranoid “bad government” me good campaign of states rights and a return to a literal interpretation of the constitution that was ratified 223 years ago in 1787 (Mike gave us the date).

As with their ill advised remarks about the resumption of nuclear testing in Nevada, Tim and Mike didn’t do their homework again. Someone should of told these two that the curb on the power of the federal government wasn’t ratified until 1791 in “The Bill of Rights” which includes our precious and sacrosanct  2nd amendment right to bear arms. What a choice.


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