Karl “Bush’s Brain” Has an Opinion

As you, the reader, have probably figured out by now, I am easily confused. For example, when folks a few years back referred to Karl Rove as Bush’s brain I was really perplexed.

Since George acted on his “gut,” his decisions would not require higher brain function. You do not need a cerebrum to make these kind of decisions. All you need are your brain stem, cerebellum and pons. I knew George had those so where did Karl come in?

George, I was pretty sure, had his own visual and auditory complexes which allowed him to take everything in and “process” all the information in the classic comic books Karl told us he liked to read in his spare time. As I recall this was pretty much all the time.

Upon further reflection, the word “process” with respect to Mr. Bush is somewhat of an oxymoron in that his processing of anything other than vacation time was pretty limited.

And then folks were saying George kept referring to Karl Rove as some form of “turd.” I thought feces were in the lower digestive tract and not in the brain but I might have missed a couple of lectures on anatomy.

Unfortunately a recent opinion piece by Mr. Rove entitled “Karl Rove: Yes the Gulf Spill is Obama’s Katrina,” appeared in the Washington Post and I was utterly baffled.

I was bewildered because just a month ago on Mr. Rush Limbaugh’s show, Rush assured us the spill was no big deal and that fried fish were really good as long as you were taking a statin drug for high cholesterol. Now Karl is saying the exact opposite.

Don’t you wish these guys would stay on the same page? I am getting mixed messages from my “reliable news sources.” During times like these I turn to my other more reliable information source, my buddy Marvelous.

I call him Marvelous because when he and I were little he had a Captain Marvel costume and I was the Green Lantern.

Marvelous told me, “Maybe Karl knows something Rush doesn’t know. Perhaps, while George was spending all his time blogging and therefore didn’t need his “brain,” Rove went back to school and  became a petroleum engineer.”

What he said seemed plausible but I was still not convinced so I called up my other buddy who once worked in the oil fields of Wyoming the same time I did. “Hey Delli what’s with Karl calling the BP oil spill, Obama’s Katrina.”

Delli told me, “ I know that you’re partially blind, you must not be reading much anymore are you?” “What have I missed” I asked? “Why you missed David Brook’s excellent opinion piece in the New York Times,” “Drilling for Certainty,” May 27, 2010.

“Wait a minute I still have the copy, let’s see” he said, “In the weeks since the Deepwater Horizon explosion, the political debate has fallen into predictably partisan and often puerile categories. Conservatives say this is Obama’s Katrina. Liberals say the spill is proof the government should have more control over industry.”

I had to cut him off because he is prone to ramble on and he lost me on the word puerile AND “She who must be obeyed,” was calling me for dinner.

After dinner I remembered “Stanford Barbie,” Gretchen Carlson, telling me on FOX that whenever  she couldn’t remember the definition or pronunciation of a word she used the dictionary. Since I didn’t own one I had to go to the public library where I used one to look up the word puerile.

Puerile. Adjective. “you’re too old for these puerile outbursts”: childish, immature, infantile, juvenile, babyish; silly, inane, fatuous, jejune, asinine, foolish, petty.

And then it hit me. This was the portion of Bush’s brain that Karl was providing poor George.


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