Why not Excommunicate Glenn Beck

My name is Vauban and I have lived in the Salt Lake valley for the past 25 years. Many of my friends and neighbors are members of your church. I have visited your holy temples before they have been consecrated, your beautiful assembly hall and your generous Welfare Square. I have attended and participated in the celebration of the life of your departed in your wards and even sang and played my guitar during my two dear neighbor’s funeral services.

I have listened to the words of your prophets and draw hope and inspiration from their wisdom. I admire and support your magnanimity in providing relief services and supplies to virtually the entire world. You have embraced diversity, compassion and acceptance, for which you are to be admired.

Your embrace of green technologies and mixed developments with high density housing is a model for the world to follow in the years to come.

Your interest in learning different languages and assimilating others into your culture is noble.

An overarching concern of mine of late has been that a member of your flock is simultaneously a national celebrity and an embarrassment to our country internationally.

The member I speak of is Mr. Glenn Beck who makes much to do of his conversion to your faith. I have heard from one of your representatives who said that Mr. Beck does not speak for the majority of Mormons yet the disconnect between your Utah base politically suggests to me your flock is not listening to your prophets but rather someone who, in the end, will severely hurt your church in the international community and your good name. I believe he has already done you great harm.

I have read and reviewed the materials you have provided with regards to excommunication or censure and believe you would have sufficient cause for bringing one of your most outspoken member back to the purity of your faith by taking this drastic action.

Although he has not committed the serious “crimes” of polygamy, adultery or homosexual conduct, to my knowledge, he is most certainly guilty of the following:

  1. Violation of the Covenants: Baptism, Partaking of the sacrament and others Mr. Beck has unwilling to bear other’s burdens, mourn with those who mourn and has not comforted those who stand in need of comfort.
  2. Position of Trust or Authority: As a FOX celebrity Mr. Beck is in a position of Trust and Authority. By intimating sedition, violence, disrespect for the Presidency of the United States, denying human driven Global Warming, throwing the poor, disposed and marginalized populations to the wolves of the free market he most assuredly has broken my moral codes of behavior and conduct. I am not alone in condemning his heinous hate speech and invective.
  3. Repetition: Mr. Beck appears daily in the news, internet, radio, television, books, speaking tours and film.
  4. Magnitude: Mr. Beck reaches tens of millions of susceptible and insecure listeners per day. His empire brings in 23 million dollars per year according to a recent Forbes article.
  5. Age, Maturity and Experience: Mr. Beck is old enough, has the life experience and the maturity to know better but he appears intent on making millions off of the gullible masses that quote as gospel what comes out of his mouth.
  6. Interests of the Innocent: By lobbying for the elimination of government and social programs  hundreds of millions of innocents will suffer.
  7. Time between Transgression and Confession: This information is privy to you but unless Mr. Beck is confessing hourly I do not see the point.
  8. Voluntary Confession: I have not heard one, but perhaps you have.
  9. Evidence of Repentance: Mr. Beck has not to my knowledge issued a press release.

It is therefore curious to me that you have not acted in accordance with your published church doctrine. Like you, I believe everyone can be saved and I believe Mr. Beck is redeemable but it is going to take something like excommunication on your part to bring him back into the service of Jesus.




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Disabled Vietnam Era Veteran, Molecular Biologist, Political Activist, Musician, Writer, Philosopher, Outdoorsman, Husband, Father, Son of a
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