Spring in the Rockies

Life takes hold amongst the rocks

What a gorgeous and beautiful spring day we had in Salt Lake City, Utah yesterday. The day started out cold but within hours of the sun coming out, temperatures climbed  and by the afternoon we reached a very agreeable temperature.

We have had snow recently and the sun has yet to melt it off the higher elevations. The contrast of the lightly floured foothills and majestic snow covered high mountain peaks against the azure sky filled with puffy white and grey clouds was spectacular.

Against this delightful back drop was the newly emerging verdant and lush new growth of grasses, flowers and trees. An occasional fungi was seen popping out as well.

The symphonic sounds of the birds and insects and the occasional gust of wind, along with the gurgling of the small stream we have to cross, completed the concert to the senses.

Life was returning to the once barren rocky hill sides and creatures were emerging from their dens. Piles of dirt, recently excavated from within the soil they had been hibernating in, surrounded their front entrances.

I lingered and sniffed, breathed in and appreciated all that was before me.

Having recently acquired my first smart phone I started to take pictures of many of the beautiful plants, trees and flowers, thinking that I would send the photos to a friend for identification so I could impress you with the names of all the various shrubs, trees, grasses and flowers.

I still intend to learn their names but in some sense it is not so important to know the names as it is to appreciate their beauty, variety and our ability to recognize the shear magnificence of God’s creation.

Stop and smell the roses has become a tired metaphor for slowing down and enjoying what one has in life. Living on borrowed time, like I have for some years, makes what few remaining years I have left on planet earth that more significant for me personally.

With easy access to the foothills I get to enjoy these spring spectacles on a daily basis and I feel blessed. Fortunate to be surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Wasatch Front, the Oquirrh mountains to the west and, on clear days, what I presume to be, Mount Nebo far to the south.

If one pauses long enough our eyes, noses and ears can take in a cacophony of sights, smells and sounds around us. Such is the variety and intensity of the sensations available to a receptive mind.

Other than what it costs in transportation and the infrastructure that supports it, the foothills and mountains are free to all to enjoy.

I suppose if time is measured in money and money is the only thing which is important in your life perhaps this experience would not be cost effective.

However, if you value your soul, there is nourishment  aplenty in the foothills of our beautiful valley.


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Disabled Vietnam Era Veteran, Molecular Biologist, Political Activist, Musician, Writer, Philosopher, Outdoorsman, Husband, Father, Son of a
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