Morgan “Pol Pot” wants to take on the Nazis

Oh for crying out loud I did it again and my new editor didn’t catch my second in several days Freudian Slip.

“How could you misspell by name,” Morgan shrieked. “And what in heaven’s name does Pol Pot mean?” he added before slamming the phone down. For rude I thought, I wasn’t exactly sure what if anything Pol Pot meant either.

Since I had recently seen “Stanford Barbie,” Gretchen Carlson, on FOX News via the Jon Stewart, Daily Show, I remembered I could use the internet to google Pol Pot. Boy was I surprised what I found out. Pol Pot was the leader of the Cambodian Communist movement called the Khmer Rouge in the nineteen seventies and early eighties. The mass murderer killed 2.5 million of his countrymen and it took the Vietnamese to come in and take him out.

So why was my sub conscious comparing Morgan Philpot to Pol Pot I asked myself. So began my internal dialog. “Let  us (split personality) see,” I said aloud. Both Morgan and Pol Pot wanted to “cleanse” their respective countries by getting rid of the” intellectuals.” You all know one. They are bipedal and have opposable thumbs, but then they discovered logic and science and they became rational.

I am not suggesting that Morgan is advocating killing 2.5 million of us. No he is more subtle and passive aggressive. But he is still the bully who wants you to believe government, science and reason are bad and he is good, while his cronies over at Human Events, Newsmax and Red State fleece us dry on investment scams.

Remember the monster on one of the episodes of the BBC comedy shown on PBS stations, “Red Dwarf?” The one who sucked your brains out of your head with a straw? Well that’s the FOX News network which coincidently is in Morgan’s corner. Not Morgan specifically, but his deadly clones-like in the Matrix movies.

I have heard people at Tea Party rallies quote as gospel the dribble they’ve heard on a Rush Limbaugh show, a Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly show or FOX News. I do not blame the Tea Party adherents-they’ve had their brains sucked out! The monster is the owner and the purse strings behind him. You will have guessed correctly if you said the Republican, party of no, Party.

And the rank and file march as if to the Pied Piper, only these people are not rats but susceptible and insecure human beings who are being manipulated by some of the evil Plutocrats of this country and driven towards a fictitious Shangri-La circa 1800.

Morgan and his ilk are a part of this cyborg machine. Despite being formally educated he, like the bimbos over at FOX, “dumb themselves down to connect with an audience who sees intellect as an elitist flaw,” Stewart writes. Rather than courting farmers, like Pol Pot, Morgan is courting, as a devote “Catholic lawyer,” the gullible members of our state’s predominant religion. Since Morgan is so religious he is found of quoting one the great patron saints of the Republican Party, Newt Gingrich.

Saint Newt speaks to the masses; “America is facing a mortal threat from our president and his Secular Socialist Machine-a corrupt bureaucracy, which is actively using manipulation, bribery, and dishonesty to demolish our core values and replace them with their own.”

After pausing to sip some sacrificial wine the Saint continues, “If left unchecked, their lethal combination of high tax, big bureaucracy, radically secular policies and machine-politics will radically transform our country into something we barely recognize.”

So Morgan Pol Pot, the communist sympathizer, is now going to save us from President Obama the Socialist Nazi. Tall order for a man of 38 years of age. But hey he was an Eagle Scout once.


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