Sale on Snake Oil over at Human Events

Don’t you just love the clueless right folks (plenty of lefties too but they will have to wait) you run into everyday. Last Saturday I ran into a gentleman that speculated in real estate in Las Vegas and is now broke. But he is so use to it by now it does not seem to phase him much. First, he lost his ass in oil in the 80’s, then it was the Savings and Loan debacle and then the stock market tanking a few years ago. Of course I believe he has a good excuse. He must read the “Human Events” emails he gets everyday in his inbox.

I love “Human Events”. One day they are trashing perfectly reasonable legislation and the next day they are suggesting you invest in a new scheme that returns 37% to you without hardly any work. Or metals. Buy gold, buy gold. Given the daily dumbing down that goes on on this and virtually every other right-wing “news site,”all their readers will be on Medicaid and Welfare before you know it. We won’t have to worry about them ever again. Oh, perhaps that was a little premature on my part. I guess we will have to worry about them, because we will be paying for their ignorance and greed. Sound familiar?

Like all the junk science sites that purport to be “grass roots,” there are powerful financial interests behind them all. They have no qualms about selling their readers the Brooklyn Bridge and snake oil, yet they profess to know how to run our country and who the bad guys are lurking around Washington who are ready to take their women.

That is unless their women have left them. Seems a lot of our “right-wing” friends are sleeping in different beds-in the same house too. Or alternatively, you’ve got to love their spiritual leaders who are running around with male prostitutes. It sure makes it hard to take the moral high road on the issues when you are a hypocrite

At least Idaho Senator Larry Craig tried to do “it” in the privacy of a stall in the mens restroom. Perhaps we can pair their spiritual leaders up with their representatives and they can take turns putting wires on each others private parts and “cure” themselves. That way we would not have to see them in any government run mental health clinic. We would save a few bucks. I just realized this sounds a lot like S&M so I better drop a subject that I am uncomfortable with.


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