Trashing good science

Kudos to The Tribune for printing Paul Krugman’s recent column, “Exxon Mobil CEO protects profits by trashing good science” (April 18).

Perhaps the most salient feature of Krugman’s article was his emphasis on the overwhelming scientific consensus amongst those whose work is referred in peer-reviewed, reputable scientific journals, as concluded in an article published in NAAS’s journal Science, in 2004. Since then scores of honest scientists have put the issue of human-caused climate change to rest, or one would hope so. Apparently “junk” science is still informing people’s opinions and views of the facts. In truth some of the questions that scientists are grappling with are how fast climate change is occurring and the consequences of that change. not whether it is occurring.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in its third Assessment Report, published in 2001, was unequivocal in concluding that human activity, most notabley carbon dioxide from the burning of the fossil fuels, is the driving force for climate change. Furthermore, the IPCC, forthcoming in its Fourth Assessment Report due later this year, blames greenhouse emissions for our abnormal weather throughout the world.

Finally, the Union of Concerned Scientists ( <gtto:www,> is an excellent source of sound-science information that is accessible to a  lay audience.


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