Is there a God?

Certainly a horrific crime has been committed, aided and abetted by the system and by individual’s inside and outside that system. People seem to have grasped those concepts but many others can not extrapolate this heinous crime to the outside world.

I continually have to remind myself I think more abstractly than most people. I also have difficulty communicating related instances of man’s inhumanity to one’s fellow man to the folks who, all of a sudden, are caught up emotionally in this recent crime perpetrated on a defenseless child.

My words of solace and my attempt to put this tragic event in context hurt someone on FaceBook who really wanted me to agree that this crime was horrific and perhaps just a shoulder to cry on. I did agree but I think I see the bigger picture. On any given day these crimes are committed on defenseless children throughout the world. But “if it bleeds it leads,” as they say about our media sensationalizing these rare events in Utah and elsewhere.

I remember the child a few streets away from me who was lured into their neighbor’s home and abused and horribly murdered. I remember when the Burmese’s community was rocked when a neighbor did the same thing to a young girl in the very same apartment complex of a Burmese family we mentor.

I personally know how evil human beings can be to one another as I have served my country in war and was a paramedic and volunteer firefighter for a time. I will spare you the gory details but things were ugly.

It is during times like these that our faith in humanity and God is questioned. Why would a benevolent God allow this to happen? Many of the existentialists would have you give up since, in their belief, life is meaningless. Similarly, Mark Twain and Bertrand Russell would have you believe there is no God.

My personal belief is that there is a God, but he or she is not in complete control of his/her creation. It is up to our species to create the heaven on earth that would not allow these unseemly crimes to be committed. I am not waiting for an afterlife which I may or may not get to enjoy. Thomas Paine said, “The world is my Country, and my Religion is to do good.” Good works are what devote Christians do in times like these.


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