The least we can do

Despite President Bush’s disingenuous assertions to the contrary, Iraq has been mired in civil war for years. Finally, one of the nation’s five loyal broadcasters has broken ranks and started to announce that Iraq is fighting a civil war.

In the latest issue of “The Boston Review,” Nir Rosen, an investigative journalist, succinctly sums up the situation in Iraq in his latest paper, “Anatomy of a Civil War-Iraq’s descent into chaos.

“Rather than remaking the Middle East, the Iraq war has destabilized it. Sunnis throughout the region who already have so many reasons to hate the United States-Abu Gharaib, the Haitha massacre, the rape and murder of an Iraqui girl, Guantanamo-would now have more, for the Americans would have handed Iraq over to the Shias. We are seeing the death throes, not the birth pangs, of a new Middle East,” Rosen wrote.

Having just returned from living among the Iraqis for the last two years, Mr. Rosen offers the following prescription: “America did this to Iraq. We divided Iraqis. We set them at war with each other. The least we can do is stop killing them and leave Iraq.”


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