Scare Tactics

I recently bought a ticket to the Mountain Valley Stampede PRCA rodeo in Heber City. Much to my surprise I read on the front of the ticket, “No coolers or backpacks allowed due to homeland security.”

I do not know if the readers of this letter have been to a rodeo lately, but people aren’t exactly turning out in droves to see rodeo in this country. Too bad, because it is a gem of a piece of Americana that we, with the exception of the PETA folks, appreciate and associate with the great American West.

I don’t get the paranoia with the organizers. A would-be terrorist would stick out like a sore thumb a these events. In addition there are plenty of ranchers, cowboys and rednecks who gladly step in to disarm any threat to themselves or others. Back-packs and coolers are allowed just about everywhere else in the state with the exception of some other sporting events.

My daughter suggested this was just a way for the concessions to make money. Perhaps, but why the dire warning? Aren’t we making a little too much of nothing? Why scare the populace when seriously, a genuine threat does not exist. Sound familiar? Administrations have been using this excuse to invade soverign states since our nation’s founding over 200 years ago.


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