Oregon Institute Wrong

I beg to differ with Jim Elwell’s assertion (Tribune ignores scientists, Public Forum August 10, 2006) that global warming is still contested by scientists based upon the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicines 1998 petition.

Wikipedia the free online encyclopedia, has the following to say about this group:

“The Oregon Institute on Science and Medicine (OSIM) describes itself as “a small research institute” that studies “biochemistry, diagnostic medicine, and nutrition, preventative medicine and the molecular biology of aging.” It is headed by Arthur B. Robinson, an eccentric scientist who has a long history of controversial entanglements with figures on the fringe of accepted research.”

A little further down the page is the following remark concerning the petition:

“The OISM is known mostly for the role it played in 1998 in circulating a deceptive “scientists’ petition” on global warming in collaboration with Frederick Seitz, a retired former president of the National Academy of Scientists.”

Further reading reveals that in 2005, Scientific American debunked this petition, concluding that only about 200 signatories of the 17,800 scientists were actually climatologists.

I salute the Tribune’s news and editorial boards for printing this series of articles on Global Warming and its consequences. I would invite readers who wish to inform themselves further on the subject to read the peer-reviewed scientific journals Science and Nature or to visit the Union of Concerned Scientist’s (http://www.ucsusa.org/) and RealClimate’s  (http://www.realclimate.org/) websites.


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