We’ve got Glenn Beck All Wrong

Maybe we have Glenn Beck all wrong. No I am not having a flashback nor am I off my meds. Wait, wait a minute, before you think I’m crazy please hear me out. Mr. Beck has publicly stated that he feels (I do not remember his exact words) that anybody who takes his words seriously and as the gospel truth is an idiot. What if he has been martyring himself all along and he truly believes he’s doing  God’s work. And that work pays handsomely I might add. According to a recent Forbes article his empire is making some 23 million dollars per year.

That is a lot of money but remember, if he is a good member of the LDS faith, he is giving 2.3 million dollars to the church AND they do good work. The LDS church has supported relief efforts in over 267 countries worldwide. Their Welfare Square, the warehouses for their relief efforts in Salt Lake City, is truly impressive. The hyperbole that is coming out of Glenn’s mouth might be a ruse. For instance he is now attacking dead presidents.

If you have not heard the news, Glenn Beck is now assailing Theodore Roosevelt and holding him accountable for the rampant socialism that is about to destroy our country. It is thanks to TR that President Barack Obama is going rogue and bringing back big intrusive government into our lives.

It is irrelevant that historians consider TR as one of the greatest presidents in our history and that his face is carved into Mount Rushmore. Last February, in his CPAC speech, Beck told the assembled tribe that TR was responsible for Obama’s “progressivism” and besides, he was a “weird progressive” to boot. How can anyone take these statements at their face value? Besides making money, Glenn must have another agenda.

I assume it also includes convincing his listeners that Teddy Roosevelt, the hero of the calvary charge on San Juan Hill, did not believe that the America should be a sovereign nation. Somehow we are led to believe that this future president, a guy that risked his life and led his men in battle, did not believe in the United States of America. Hilarious.

I suppose you might consider former President Roosevelt progressive if you felt that child labor in mines and sweatshops was alright or alternatively believed a women’s place was in the kitchen and not in the voting booth. Or alternatively, that the robber baron’s strangle hold on our transportation systems was good business.  I suppose you could say that his imposition of anti-monopoly regulations on those ruthless people that “used devious means to eliminate the competition,” was progressive.

Christopher Ruddy, in writing for Newsmax, tells us of his brother’s new book entitled, “ Theodore Roosevelt’s History of the United States- In his own words and selected  and arranged by  Daniel Ruddy.” Christopher writes of TR, “ His hero was the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was deeply impressed with Lincoln’s political sagacity, noting that, ‘Lincoln stood with the radicals to abolish slavery and with the conservatives to save the union, and he was right in both cases.’”

Theodore Roosevelt, believe it or not, was a comic book hero for me when I was young. His life’s history made it into a comic book format and it was within those pages that I first learned of our great president. I learned that he received the Noble Peace Prize in 1906 for his efforts in getting the Russians and Japanese to the “negotiating” table and ending the Russo Japanese War. “Table” I learned, was a misnomer in that when he invited the representatives of the waring fractions to the White House, in order not to upset anyone over the seating arrangements- he removed the table and made them all stand. Brilliant. Just like Glenn Beck perhaps.


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One Response to We’ve got Glenn Beck All Wrong

  1. I agree with most of your assessment concerning TR. He was also a prodigious reader and his views were based on writings and examples available during his time – not ours.
    I doubt that he would consider himself a ‘progressive’ of the nature and qualities of an Obama organization. If he were alive today, I feel certain that he would launch a diatribe demeaning our current government. The only bad mark I can find concerns the war in the Philippines. He failed to stop our aggression in that arena.

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