Mud Slinging in Utah

A common gambit to play when your candidate is behind in delegates is to cast aspersions as to  the other candidates character, sexual orientation, or electability over ones common archenemy. Much the same strategy was used by the republican party during our last presidential election. Having not much to go on they selected a money grubbing, folksy ditz from the far north to be their vice president. She became the party’s rising star and veritable Jean D’Arc when the conservative cruise ships would stop in her town.

It didn’t much matter that the true intellectuals within the Republican party dismissed her or that she tanked on simple geography, history and foreign policy. She did so with “Grace under Fire,” from the likes of Katie Couric and Tina Fey. She was out to make money (and she’s good at it) but she somehow convinced the loonies of her electability who conveniently  forgot that, the woman who might someday hold the nuclear codes, seriously believed that dinosaurs walked four thousand years ago.

Robert Murduck and his ilk have polluted our political process by allowing one fringe element  to control a major television network, and everything they own, within the Fourth Estate. Truth and integrity has taken a back seat to nipple zippers and hyperbole. When the likes of Glenn Beck, who wears his religion on his sleeve, can intimate sedition, spread misinformation, denigrate and slander duly elected politicians and not be excommunicated is beyond me. By comparison pedophilia is tame and the perpetuators get to keep their jobs.

So in our 2nd congressional democratic race we have someone who doesn’t believe in change. He concedes the simple stuff and yet on every major issue he votes Republican. Some would argue he is the voice of reason within the democratic party who has to vote no (or yes for the Iraq war-that turned out great) in order to balance the yes (or no’s) within his own party. I thought that was what being a Republican was all about. In Utah’s own virtual reality a democratic morphs into a republican when the special interests supporting him speak.

But we do not want to talk about that. We want to denigrate the candidates, paint their electability futile and move onto the really important issues like foot size. What’s foot size got to do with it? See my point? Issues are important. Votes are important and thankfully we have someone else keeping track of their votes for us. I do not know about you but I need all the help I can. I remember Iraq, Cap and Trade, Health Reform. I also remember Jim Matheson didn’t vote the way I wanted him to, the President wanted him to, or the way many of his other constituents wanted him to.

We all know the expression, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Believe me I’m not. Jim has already conceded the small stuff. I am focusing on the bigger picture and Jim isn’t a part of it yet.


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